Wonder Wheels

Reverse sensors on a wheelchair

Rear driving sensors (reverse) for wheelchairs which allow people with special needs to move around easily and safely.

Dani, who moves around in an electric wheelchair, is unable to turn his head backwards or sideways. The reverse motion sensors that we developed go in the back of his wheelchair and use a special camera to produce a picture on a screen in the front of his wheelchair, allowing Danny to watch behind the chair while driving in reverse.

Someone who is wheelchair bound is unaware of what is going on behind him.

In this situation, when the person goes backwards, he may collide with things, run over people, or fall down the stairs. 

The problem intensifies in an instance where a person who is wheelchair bound also has restricted movement or is paralyzed and cannot move their head sideways or backwards—for them, driving backwards is dangerous and scary.

The challenge

Reverse sensors for wheelchairs, combined with a camera and screen, in order for the wheelchair bound individual to visualize approaching hazards when driving backwards.

Our solution

בסיוע מרכז פל"א של בית החולים אלי"ן יונגש הפיתוח הייחודי לכלל האוכלוסיה המרותקת לכסאות גלגלים חשמליים.

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