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An application that develops the hand-eye coordination of children and teens with cerebral palsy

The challenge
Children and teens with cerebral palsy need to practice and strengthen their hand-eye coordination. Most mainstream games don’t meet their motor and cognitive needs. They are in need of age-appropriate, skill-specific, and, of course, fun games.
Our solution
Expose It improves players’ hand-eye coordination, as they move their fingers across the screen to uncover a hidden image. This application allows users to upload different images, based on their personal interests, and to adjust the level of difficulty of the game based on their needs. Therapists can use the games’ feedback to track players’ progress.
What next?
Children and teens at the Ilanot School love playing Expose It. We plan on developing Expose It, adapting it to Quest and to the whole educational system.
Our Partner
בית ספר מגשימים בחוות הנוער הציוני מיועד לבני נוער
(מתבגרים ובוגרים) המאובחנים כלוקים באוטיזם  / P.D.D  בתפקוד בינוני נמוך. 
 בסיוע מטה ישראל דיגיטלית במשרד לשוויון חברתי