Smart Ride 

A smart system for riders and drivers alike

A transportation management system designed specifically for children with special needs, providing them access to a safe way there and back. 

This system allows users to manage their own transportation, adjusting it to the specific needs of their children, and, most importantly, make sure that their children travel safe and sound.
We built this system because we care.
Have you ever considered the challenges facing children travelling with special needs? There are many.
  • There’s the difficulty of waiting outside for a ride
  •  And, then, the parental fear that the child was not removed from the vehicle
  • And the duration of transport—it must match the child’s capacities
  • And a child’s inability to speak and express worries or fears or things bothering them
All of these problems, among many more, make managing the transportation of children with special needs difficult and complex. 
The challenge

Transportation for individuals with disabilities, children and adults alike, is essential for leading an independent, day-to-day life.

Navigating a particularly complex transportation system, with passengers with disabilities and special needs, can generate much stress. 

Installing a user-friendly application on the cell phones of the chaperones, coordinators, drivers and parents, which will alert of each child’s safe arrival, among other details, and overall provide peace of mind.
Our solution
Our Partner
Krembo Wings is a revolutionary social youth movement, the first in the world to combine children with and without special needs in joint social activities. The movement began in 2002, and has since fulfilled its mission of opening centers all across Israel.  Members of the movement, with and without special needs, arrive at weekly activities at each branch in an organized transportation system.