Musical Motivation

Exercise is challenging for everyone, especially children for children with disabilities. 

Songo encourages children with Down syndrome to ride bicycles by adding a soundtrack and a whole lot of joy to their bike rides.
Everyone talks about the many health benefits of regular exercise. Consistent physical activity can boost moods, prevent diseases, and rejuvenate patients. But, it can be really challenging for people in general, and specifically people with disabilities, to find the motivation to exercise.
The challenge
Songo recognizes the riders’ pace and rhythm, playing their favorite song while they pedal. Stopping the movement stops the song. Simple, no?
Our solution
Songo keeps the tunes going. The children of Beit Issie can keep riding and enjoying the music they create.
And us? We are already planning our launch—we are developing our product to serve the whole population. Because, this song cannot be stopped!
What next?
Our Partner
The Ilanot School serves students with cerebral palsy, up until the age of 21. All students have significant motor disabilities that affect their capacity to function on a day-to-day basis, impacting everything from self-care to leisure activities.