A personalized, mental health accompaniment

People in mental health care groups are required to perform various tasks each day and report their performance to their therapists.

In practice, many of them find it difficult to do this on a continuous basis, and they forget to do basic tasks and therefore do not report their daily activity, or lack of. As a result, they’ve hindered their rehabilitation progress and those who are trying to help them, too. 

How can we increase communication between the patients and their therapists, in order to encourage them to complete their tasks and report it to their superior?
The challenge
Our solution

An automated messaging application (Chat-Bot) with daily tasks that the therapist predetermined for each patient. 

The patient receives several messages each day and the system monitors its performance reports.

The patient will receive immediate attention from the virtual therapist, while the personal therapist will follow the progress and intervene when necessary.

All the reports are stored in a database and allow the therapists to examine the patient's progress through various statistics and analyses.

This system can serve as a basis for medical follow-up programs, such as preparation for transplants as well as for various training programs for different fields.
What next?
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